Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On our way

We are now in Ann Arbor, MI. Priceline, baby. Courtyard Marriott with taxes for sixty bucks. Not too bad!

The weather has been great. We might get some thunderstorms later on, lucky for us. Always happens that way. The minute Danielle got to my house and we started loading the trailor--RAIN. Oh well. It's here with us wherever we go, so we shall be prepared, and hope for the best.

We plan on meeting up with our third vending partner, Kristy of Homesewn, just outside of the venue at the check-in spot. I'm really looking forward to meeting her. I'm also really happy with the fact that she is making sure to get to our meeting point, on time. A refreshing and positive change from my last vending experience. I really love the feeling of a group effort.

Here we are, just after eating dinner at a rest stop.

Please come by our booth and say hello! We will have items from several other artists as well, so I'm sure there is SOMEthing you can find in our booth that you will just love! I have more inventory than I have EVER had in my life. I am really excited about all the new goodies I have to share with you all!!!!!

We are also going to be collecting donations for a friend of ours. Penni, another stitchin bitch in our community has a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Madison that has been recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She will begin her extensive 3 year treatment plan this week. The poor thing! Her family will need all the help they can get, with medical expenses and fuel to get her family back and forth to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.

If you can't make it to the festival, please consider making a donation to help thru Paypal. Her e-mail is:

Thanks to everyone who has been sending positive energy and love.

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Heather said...

so i've been patiently checking this blog daily and no updates.... so i expect the full scoop when you get home!!!! hehe, hope you gals are traveling safely towards home :)