Monday, June 23, 2008

Batikin' it up Baby!

Oh boy! Lots of batiks going on over here ya'll! Wait til you see some of these phresh new shirts I'll have!!!! I've been double-dyeing, triple dyein' and having FUN with these beautiful batiks! About halfway done with my goal, so that means about 40-60 more pieces. Yikes!! Think positively, girl, you can do it!! This is what I keep telling myself!

Okay, so I am just really excited about this festival! Really glad to have my girl Danielle as my vending partner for this expedition. Her mellowness and sense of humor are gonna be an asset for that weekend!

We're excited to have clothing from our sister Lizzie of Namaste Patchwork Creations in our booth at Rothbury!!! We sure are gonna have a colorful booth!!

Look for us in the Sherwood Forest vending section, near Wildcat Lake. We will be in a purple canopy tent with a big Potomac River Goods sign out front. The map will give you an idea of where it is, if you look for the food signs.

The farmers market at Rothbury is something we are really looking forward to. I've even thought about bringing my immersion blender and some yogurts so we can make some smoothies with that fresh fruit! Supposedly cherries will be IN season! Woo-hoo! Watch out for cherry pits shooting out our booth! haha! just kiddin'. . . fruity girrrrlz. . .

Check out this great hemp smocked dress I made yesterday! Looked so stinkin cute with bloomers underneath it, today I decided to make some with matching fabric. Awww!!!

Hand-dyed hemp and quilt shop cottons. Super high quality! Fits about a 4-8, depending on your kiddo.

Over and out!

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